The Program For Preferred Vendors - Our Dedication

Our aim is to bridge the gap between you and your customers by offering alternative finance options. This helps streamline the equipment buying process and sets your company apart from competitors with added value.


Alternative Financing Options

Our flexible financing options offer your customers more choices when considering their equipment purchase. We act swiftly and efficiently, providing prompt information and answers. Often, we can secure customer approvals within the same day or even within a few hours. Additionally, customers can sell, trade-in, or exchange equipment, boosting repeat customer retention.

As a full-service vendor with the products and expertise your customers need, CS Capital offers vendor financing to mitigate the risk of lost sales. We help you save your customers’ valuable time and money.

Prepare quotes with finance options in seconds, including customized finance programs tailored to attract your products and customers. Your dedicated financing professional is always available to discuss programs and address customer inquiries.

Furthermore, our financing professionals can enhance customer value by attending tradeshows or corporate events on your behalf.

Elevate Your Business With Our Vendor Finance Programs

A Vendor Financing Program supports a vendor’s sales team by offering equipment financing to prospective customers at the point of sale, when interest in acquiring equipment is highest. Our program provides vendors with an option to offer customers an alternative to large cash expenditures, potentially avoiding the frustrations associated with traditional bank finance. This can significantly influence the decision to close a sale and retain valuable clients.


Additional Advantages of Our Vendor Finance Program

  • Increase Sales Closure – Ensuring customer financial preparedness is vital for purchasing decisions. For time-sensitive sales, providing instant financing through CS Capital expedites closures.
  • Enhanced Customer Approval Ratios – CS Capital boasts one of the highest approval rates in the industry. This means more customers can successfully purchase your equipment.
  • Upselling Opportunity – Offering customers the choice of a slightly higher monthly finance payment versus significantly higher upfront costs can be a compelling sales strategy.
  • Enhanced Profitability – CS Capital offers the equipment financing needed to finalize sales. We maintain ongoing communication with clients, addressing their inquiries promptly, freeing up your sales team to pursue new prospects. Streamlining sales processes reduces overhead expenses. Through our vendor program, increasing product sales and cutting sales costs can boost your profit margins.

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